The Sara Fuller Scholarship

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Film Florida is delighted to announce the creation of the Sara Fuller Student Scholarship in recognition of organizations that support Film Education. The program's namesake, Sara Fuller, was a true pioneer in Florida’s Production Industry, and this scholarship will honor her memory by supporting future filmmakers and encouraging excellence in the field of motion picture education.

Film Florida, Inc is a not-for-profit corporation that provides a leadership role in Florida's film and entertainment industries and represents a coalition of interests, including private industry, local film commissions, labor organizations and industry associations.

Its purpose, as a statewide trade association, is to promote the creation of jobs in the film and entertainment production industries and to promote economic development and tourism in the State of Florida.

Film Florida, Inc. will award three scholarships annually in the amount of $500.00 each to three organizations which can then award the scholarship to a student of their choice. To qualify, each organization must:

  • Provide a brief background / overview of their organization
  • Demonstrate how they support Film Education through their current programs, festivals, events, etc.
  • Demonstrate how they intend to promote Film Florida within their organization
  • Offer one invitation to a Film Florida representative to be present when the Sara Fuller Student Scholarship is awarded
  • Provide a short bio of the recipient and copies of marketing materials that illustrate the promotion of Film Florida at the completion of the program, festival, event, etc.

The above can be done by completing the attached application.

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